Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Boston Wine Writers: Meeting #3

Last evening, the Boston Wine Writers met for the third time at Jonathon Alsop's Boston Wine School. The group meets once a month, giving everyone a place to meet, exchange ideas and contacts, discuss story ideas, critique each other's work and more. It is free to attend and everyone is welcome to come, not just wine writers.

Jonathon states: "As long as you have a passion for good wine writing, it doesn't matter whether you're a published writer, editor, sales rep, importer, restaurateur, blogger, PR person, publisher, wine lover, whatever: you're invited!"

There was a small group last evening, including some regulars as well as one new member. While chatting, we shared some wine, including an Israeli Chardonnay and a Cabernet Franc from Massachusetts. As the other meetings have been, it was a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. We spent the beginning of the meeting talking about ourselves and our newest endeavors. Jonathon shared some information about a local magazine seeking articles on spirits.

The latter part of the meeting centered on advice and suggestions on digital photography. I really liked this as I do post photos on my blog, but I don't consider myself any type of expert photographer, not even an advanced amateur. I think the suggestions I learned will actually help make my photos look better. I will at least try them out and see what happens.

The next meeting will be held on November 24, from 6:30-8:30pm, and there will be no meeting in December. At the November meeting, there will be advice and suggestions on working with HTML Dale of Drinks Are On Me will lead the HTML discussion. If you have any particular questions about HTML or wish to discuss specific topics, feel free to email Dale prior to the meeting. Jonathon is currently working on prepating a schedule for meetings in 2009.

I would encourage all local bloggers and wine writers to come join the Boston Wine Writers. The group can benefit all of us. I hope to see many more people at the next meeting.

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Dale Cruse said...

Now I'm really on the hook to do this HTML class!