Friday, December 12, 2008

Sakaya: Happy Anniversary

My trips to New York City are just not complete unless I make a stop at Sakaya, an all-Saké store in the East Village. The Saké selection in the Boston area is so limited so it is always a joy to stop by Sakaya and check out their many interesting Sakés.

On my most recent trip, they were also celebrating their One Year Anniversary! Big congratulations to Rick and Hiroko for having been in business for a year, and for having such a great store. I hope they remain in business for many more years to come. As the popularity of Saké continues to grow, this should bode well for Sakaya.

There was a Daiginjo tasting while I was there at the store and I got to taste several delicious Sakés. I still have not had a Saké from their store that I have not enjoyed. I also had the pleasure of meeting Tim of UrbanSake, one of the top Saké blogs around. My free time was short so I did not have enough time to really sit and chat with Tim but hope to do so some day in the future. Tim was very nice and even helped suggest a Daiginjo to try.

My purchases this time included:

Kubota Manju Junami Daiginjo
Wataribune Junmai Daiginjo
Kuro Obi Dodo Yamakai Junmai
Goriki Junmai Ginjo
Shimehari Tsuru Jun Junmai Ginjo
Denhsin Yuki Junmai Ginjo

Sakaya has also instituted a Saké Club, where you can received monthly shipments of two, four, or six bottles of thematically linked Saké. Unfortunately, they cannot currently ship to Massachusetts but my readers from other states should take notice. And the rest of us can keep our fingers crossed that they will eventually be able to ship to us as well.

If you already enjoy Saké, then you have to visit this store if you go to New York City. If you still have not embraced the joys of Saké, you should still go and maybe find a wonderful new beverage.

324 East 9th Street
New York, NY
Phone: 212-505-SAKE


Timothy Sullivan said...

Hi and thanks to the link to Urban Sake. You picked some real winners again this time. In Oct this year I visited several of the 6 breweries you chose from, so I'm having many happy memories! If you are interested I have already posted on Wataribune Brewery and their sublime Junmai Daigino as well asFukumitsuya Brewery, makers of the Kuro Obi. I really love learning about where sake comes from and about the people who make it. Let me know how you like these selections when you try them! Kanpai!

Erika said...

Thanks for the info about the sake store in the E.V.! I actually just tried to join the sake club but they didn't ask for any payment information? I'm confused. Will I be getting a follow-up email from them?

Richard A. said...

They may only bill you when they send Sake, but I am not sure. I suggest you give them a phone call about it. I know the sake club is new so maybe they have not worked out all the kinks yet with the online ordering.

Hope you enjoy the sake!