Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mom

It is Mother's Day and I wish only the best for my mom today, and every day. My mom is an amazing woman and has done so much for me throughout my life. She deserves my praise and recognition for all she is and all she has done. I would not be the same man that I am today without her.

She is also an excellent cook and still can make me extremely happy with a simple plate of hot cinnamon rolls. In addition, she sometimes is my dining companion when I go out to review a restaurant. And I am finding wines that she enjoys too.

I love my mom very much.

I hope that everyone takes time today to honor their own mom, to share your love, and celebrate the day.

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Mom said...

Dearest Son,

Thank you for the beautiful words. I know every day of my life how much you love me. You are the best son a mother could wish for and you made motherhood the happiest blessing of my life. Mother's Day for me is every day of the year.

I love our dinner reviews that we share. I am available any night to wine and dine with you. i will be making cinnamon rolls this coming week. I LOVE YOU>>