Monday, June 15, 2009

How Do You Cut The Cheese?

I never really considered that there might be a recommended method to cut the cheese. Fortunately, the new issue of Culture (which was just released on newstands), the fascinating cheese magazine, explained how it should be done, as well as why.

The flavor and texture of a piece of cheese varies dependent on where it is cut. Cheese closest to the rind will have a stronger flavor and have a different texture than the middle. This gets even more noticeable in older cheeses.

If you want a slice of cheese to include all parts of the cheese, from the rind to the middle, then there are suggested ways to slice different shaped cheeses. The Culture article provides various diagrams of how to cut differently shaped cheeses to accomplish this task. This is something I will now think about when cutting and serving cheese.

The new issue of Culture is once again a pure delight, filled with plenty of other interesting articles. I am especially intrigued by a recipe for Roquefort-Honey Ice Cream. It sounds so delicious! If you love cheese and are not reading Culture, you should be.

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