Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pho Republique: Lime Rickey

The lore of the Lime Rickey is shrouded in mystery with claims of its origins spanning from Washington D.C. in the 1920’s, to Brooklyn, New York and even Wildwood, New Jersey. To many Bostonians, Boston is the home of the seaside tradition; conjuring up beachfront memories paired with a box of fried clams and sandy flip-flops.

This summer, Bar Manager Vincent Conte of the South End hotspot Pho Republique, has finally decided to put an end to the “Lime Rickey Controversy” and hand-stamp Boston’s newest hometown made Lime Rickey.

While the Lime Rickey is a traditional drink, Pho Republique is adding the tantalizing flavor of Pomegranate moving the oceanfront visualization to a breathtaking dinner in Malaysia leaving your taste buds begging for more! So drink, taste, live and claim the newest addition to Boston’s drink arsenal. Celebrate your summer with Pho Republique and their new, Pomegranate Lime Rickey.

Recipe: 1.75oz Tanqueray Rangpur Gin
.25oz Pomegranate Reduction
Splash of Tonic
Lime Garnish

Directions: Pour 1.75oz of Tanqueray Rangpur Gin and .25oz of Pomegranate reduction and shake vigorously with ice. Add a splash of Tonic and serve in a tall, bamboo glass. Finally, garnish with lime.

Cost: The Pomegranate Lime Rickey is $10 and is now a permanent drink at Pho Republique available at their bar.

The Lime Rickey has always been a classic drink… This drink is memorable; people are going to recognize both the flavors of pomegranate and the traditional Lime Rickey,” said Vincent Conte, Bar Manager of Pho Republique.

Pho Republique
1415 Washington Street
Boston, MA
Phone: 617-262-0005


Kristen said...

Interesting! I like the pomegranate idea, but not the tonic. A Rickey is traditionally made with seltzer or soda, and I'd think the tonic would add too much of it's own flavor. But then I'm not a big tonic fan, which is why my standard summer drink is a Rickey, not a G&T.

David Cameron said...

Amazing! I personally love pomegranate and tonic and the two together sounds like a great idea, so the Rickey sounds like the drink for me i cant wait to bring my beautiful gf there on a hot summer night!!!

Sam said...

Wow!! I love pomegranate. While the Lime Rickey is a traditional drink, Pho Republique is adding the tantalizing flavor of Pomegranate.