Friday, June 5, 2009

La Festival Gastronomico del Gato

In some places around the world, you might find a cat on your dinner plate. I don't think I could try cat meat, as I have had many cats as pets, and currently have two (which includes the cat in the photo above). Just a psychological thing. So I was a bit shocked to learn about a Peruvian cat eating festival.

In La Quebrada, a small Peruvian farming town south of Lima, they hold La Festival Gastronomico del Gato (the Gastronomic Festival of the Cat) on September 21. This festival is allegedly a commemoration of the original settlers, slaves, who once had to survive only on cat meat. Many of those black slaves had been brought to Peru to work on cotton plantations. The festival is also part of a celebration for Santa Efigenia, the town's patron saint.

The cats for the festival are supposed to come from special nurseries though some do allege cats may have been taken off the streets. About 100 cats are eaten at the festival, prepared in a wide variety of recipes such as Cat Stew, Milanese of Cat, and Grilled Cat with Huacatay. It is also claimed that cat meat helps respiratory problems and acts as an aphrodisiac. Forget oysters, go eat Fluffy.

Could you partake of cat meat? How about dog?


adele said...

I've eaten dog. I'd eat cat without a second thought.

Generic Cialis said...

Food is something cultural probably you won't eat it because it is weird to eat it but if you were raised there you would eat i.

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Felipe said...

I've tried cat before and it actually tastes awesome. Most people say they wouldn't try because of their pet memories. Well, I had a pet cow in my childhood but still love the sound of sizzling beef on the grill. Actually it is one one my plans. I'd love to visit the country, and I intend to do it close to the festival del gato so I can go there and get some cat meat.

Anonymous said...

You have forgotten to mention that the cats are previously tortured and intentionally frightened, because that is - they say - what makes their meat aphrodisiac.