Tuesday, June 23, 2009

L'Andana: Creative Advertising

This is dedication!

Edson Coimbra, Jr. (pictured above) is the General Manager of the L'Andana restaurant in Burlington. He drives a scooter to work and decided to add a special banner promoting the restaurant to the back of his scooter. I think that is creative advertising and I bet plenty of picture check it out when he drives by.

My readers know that I am a big fan of L'Andana and I strongly recommend that you check it out. If you want value, check out their new Enoteca menu with plenty of small plates and inexpensive dishes. On a recent visit there, I was also very pleased to see that they now carry a local wine from my favorite Massachusetts winery. They stock the Turtle Creek Zinfandel (which is made in Lincoln, MA).

86 Cambridge Street
Burlington, MA
Phone: (781) 270-0100


alison said...

Edson is my neighbor. his drive to make L'andana a destination is inspirational.
My Last Visit to L'andana I arrived very drunk.
i told the bartender i had too many margaritas somwhere else and she immediately gave me a water and menu. I ordered wood grilled romaine lettuce with steak, went to the mens room and as soon as i came back my entree was arriving. five minutes at the most to be served a sutle twist on steak and salad. the excellent food and service was exactly what i needed at that point in time.

Richard Auffrey said...

Thanks very much Alison for your story.