Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Morning Rant

Mondays often seem the most difficult day of the week, the start of the work week after the weekend. I hear more complaints from people about Monday than any other day of the week. And I too sometimes dread Mondays, especially after a particularly fun and relaxing weekend. So, maybe Mondays are the best day for a rant.

There are issues about food, wine and spirits which sometimes irritate me, which irk me with their inanity. I get upset when soundbites are promoted over logic and analysis. Sometimes I get annoyed by rampant ignorance. Someone needs to step forward to speak out about those matters, to oppose these problems. And I am going to try to do just that, every Monday.

Each Monday, I will post my rant of the week, discussing the current issue that has irked me. Please join the discussion by commenting on my rants. How do you feel about the issues? Do they irk you as well? Are there potential solutions?

Let us see what develops from Monday rants.

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