Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Wine & Beer Stores Coming to Melrose

I have some good news, that three new wine stores will open soon in the local area, namely Melrose.

Melrose, which previously did not permit liquor stores, has finally changed and decided there is a place for such businesses in their town. Several businesses quickly stepped forward seeking one of the three liquor licenses that were available. These licenses apparently only permit the sale of wine and beer, and not hard liquor.

Last month, the Melrose Liquor Licensing Commission finally made their decision on who would obtain the licenses.

One license went to Carl Caratozzolo and Jerry Pulaski, owners of the existing Sweet Thoughts gift store which is located at 504 Main Street, near Turner's Seafood. They sell a variety of items, including gourmet foods. I am curious how much wine they will stock considering they already sell numerous other items.

Another license went to Richard Moyette, the owner of McDonough’s Liquors in Stoneham. The new store will be called McDonough’s Fine Wines and will be situated in the Oak Grove Village area. I am familiar with his store in Stoneham so am curious how the Melrose store will differ, it at all. If it concentrates more on wine, that could be a good thing.

The third license went to Gene and Rebecca Beraldi, the owners of Beacon Hill Wine and Spirits which is located at 63 Charles Street in Boston. The new store will be called Beacon Hill Wine and Gourmet and will be situated at the corner of Main and Essex Streets, not too far from Sweet Thoughts. I know the Beacon Hill store and I like it, and expect they will create a good wine store in Melrose. I am really looking forward to seeing what they do.

These new wine stores will likely not open until at least August, once all the license paperwork and redtape is completed. I'll keep my eye on the situation and report back when they do open.

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