Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Women & Wine Preferences

Women buy more wine than men. Besides that fact, there are numerous other differences between women and men as it relates to wine. The new issue of Wine Spectator (7/31/09) discusses an intriguing online survey, that the magazine conducted in conjunction with Vinexpo, concerning women and wine.

The survey involved only 431 women (aged 21 to over 60 years old) in the U.S. So, though this is only a small sample, some of its findings reflect results from prior studies and surveys. The results are also still interesting.

93% of the respondents drank wine at least once a week and 80% of the time it is with food. It is good to see so many women drinking wine with their meals. I think that helps promote more of a wine culture, that wine can be an integral accompaniement to food. 79% of women prefer red wine to white or rose. That goes against the stereotype of women usually being white wine lovers.

It was also good to see that 65% of the time women would try a new wine rather than buy a wine they have had before and enjoyed. Nice to see how adventurous they are with wine and I only hope men are similarly as adventurous.

What was really interesting, was to see where women and men seek out advice on buying wine. Respondents could choose two answers. For women, they most often (46.2%) would turn to a wine merchant. They would consult newspapers and magazines about 35.7% of the time. Only 26% consulted Internet resources, such as blogs. For men, there were some differences. Men consulted newspapers and magazines about 44% of the time and consulted Internet resources about 46% of the time.

So it appears men are more likely than women to consult blogs for wine advice and recommendations. Magazines and newspapers still remain a significant factor for both men and women. All very interesting.

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