Monday, July 27, 2009

Tupelo: I Found My Pecan Pie

I was disappointed on my last trip to Tupelo because they had changed their dessert menu and the pecan pie was no longer there. This past weekend though, I was very pleased to see that Tupelo had brought back their pecan pie, as well as several of their other prior desserts.

Dinner was once again quite delicious, especially the fried clams special. The warm pecan pie with a blackberry sauce and bourbon ice cream was excellent. I really enjoy pecan pie and this was a very good example of this fine southern dessert. The ice cream was intriguing, creamy with a flavor reminiscent of bourbon though it did not overpower.

It appears the dessert menu will change frequently. The chalkboard noted that the current dessert menu was good only for a week. So the pecan pie might not be available if you visit. If you really want it, call ahead to see if it is on the menu.

In that same regard, when our server told us about the specials, the fried grits were not on the list. But, I did ask about them and the server stated they did have a small amount left so we were able to get them. So, if they don't mention the fried grits, ask about them as well. Those are not to be missed.

1193 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA
Phone: (617) 868-0004

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