Thursday, February 25, 2010

Saké: Not Just For Drinking

Sure, Saké is delicious to drink. But it has uses beyond that of which you may not be aware. And women especially might want to take notice.

Ever hear of a saké-buro? It is a Saké bath, and they have been popular in Japan for a very long time. There is even a special Saké sold for that purpose, tama no hada Saké, or “skin like a gleaming jewel” Saké. Many cosmetic stores sell pre-made Saké bath solutions, or you can just add some Saké of your own to your bath. Add about 8-12 ounces to your bath.

Why would you take a Saké bath? First, it is thought that it warms your body for a longer time than a normal bath. Second, it may help to stabilize your blood pressure. Third, it is great for your skin.

The Japanese say, “The skin is the mirror of the internal organs.” This means that your skin reflects your overall health, so good skin means you likely are in good health. Saké is thought to be good for your skin because it contains so many amino acids. Saké has the most amino acids of any alcohol, and seven times as many as red wine. For example, Saké contains amino acids such as glutamic acid (which creates protein), alanine (which is found in collagen), leucine (important for growth during infancy and maintaining muscle), and arginine (important in cell division, wound healing, and the immune function). The Japanese also use Saké in other cosmetic products, such as skin moisturizers and cleansers.

So even if you don't like to drink Saké, you still might want to buy some to add to your next bath.

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