Monday, June 14, 2010

Tavolo: Regional Pasta Tour

Since its inception during the summer of 2008, Tavolo’s weekly “regional pasta tour” has struck a chord with local diners. They have enjoyed the authentic regional Italian recipes they can sample on small plates, they appreciate the chance to sit communally with their Ashmont area neighbors over a glass of vino, and they especially like the price (still just $18).

Subtitled “Chris and Max’s Excellent Adventure,” chefs Chris Douglass and Maxwell Thompson exhibit their versatility in exuberant fashion, creating a 3-course meal of recipes that span all 20 regions of Italy, rotating from north to south then north again. $8 half-flights of regional wine elevate the experience; it’s a midweek Italian vacation.

June 16: Val D’Aosta

June 23: Emiglia-Romagna
Typical ingredients might include pork, prosciutto, almonds

June 30: Lazio (Roma)

July 7: Campania

July 14: Basilicata

July 21: Apuglia

July 28: Molise

August 4: Tuscany

1918 Dorchester Avenue
Dorchester, MA
Phone: 617-822-1918

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