Tuesday, June 22, 2010

AKA Bistro: Lunch Once Again

After my recent visit to the Urban Grape, I stopped off for lunch at AKA Bistro, a restaurant I previously raved about. I had wanted to try their Sashimi menu but found out that it was not available at lunch, and that they had not even received their fish for the evening. At least I knew then that their fish is very fresh, delivered each day.

I also found both Christian and Chris working, just as they had on my previous visit. They are certainly dedicated to their new restaurant.

I sat at the sashimi bar in front of the above sign, which indicates that they are purchasing local produce, from the Blue Heron Organic Farm and Drumlin Farm, both located in Lincoln. I started off with a cup of miso soup and it was ever bit as delicious as my previous visit. Such a rich flavor, lots of savory umami. I am not sure I could ever dine here without ordering some miso.

I chose to start my lunch with the Terrine de Foie Gras au Naturel et gelee au Sauternes ($18), a homemade foie gras terrine with a Sauternes gelee and some toasted bread slices. The terrine was rich and creamy with a mild saltiness. The gelee was slighty sweet with a slightly exotic tinge, and a bit of honey and apricot. A fine dish for foie lovers.

For an entree, I chose the Steak Tartare et Frites ($14) is a beef tartare with French fries. On the side, I received several slices of toast, and a small jars containing mustard, pearl onions and cornichons. The tartare was quite large, and had a raw egg atop it. I am a tartare fan and this was excellent: well spiced, tender and flavorful beef. It is quite a filling dish and I liked that you got a jar of cornichons, which are a nice accompaniement.

Service was ok, but definitely not as good as my first visit. My server seemed less experienced, and appeared to be a bit overwhelmed. The food was equally as good as my previous lunch, and continues to impress. I look forward to checking out both dinner and brunch.

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