Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday Sips & Nibbles

I am back again with a new edition of Thursday Sips & Nibbles, my semi-regular column where I briefly mention some interesting wine and food items that I have encountered recently.
1) Once again, I savored a superb dessert at Le Patissier in Troquet. Wild blueberry souffle: light, fluffy and filled with plenty of rich and sweet blueberry flavor. A dessert that will make you moan in delight. Unfortunately, it is no longer available though its replacement is a Sweet Summer Cherry Souffle, which I expect to be quite delicious too.

I also got to taste the Strawberry Shortcake Crème Brulee and Honey Crisp Peach Tarte Tatin and both were absolutely delicious. The presentation is very cool, the ingredients are fresh, and the flavors really please. If you have never had dessert here before, then what are you waiting for? This is the place to go if you love sweets.

2) Yesterday, in the Boston Globe's Plonk of the Month column, Stephen Meuse praised some high-quality boxed wines. Two of those wines were the Poderi Zanusso “Sant’Andrat’’ Venezia Giulia Bianco and Poderi Zanusso “Sant’Andrat’’ Venezia Giulia Rosso. A year ago, I strongly recommended those very same wines. I can also tell you one other wine store, which I visited last week, which I know carries those wines, the Spirited Gourmet in Belmont. There are other wine stores that carry them too, but I don't know who else currently has them in stock. But, as the wines are imported by Adonna Imports, check if your local wine store does business with them.

3) The Limited Fall Release of Woodchuck Hard Cider has now been released, and I bought some at the Beacon Hill Wine & Gourmet in Melrose. The cider has some added cinnamon, nutmeg, and a hint of American white oak. This is definitely a drink for the fall, especially around Thanksgiving. It tastes like spiced cider, reminding me of the fresh smell of a hot apple pie. The flavor does not overwhelm and though it is sweet, that too is not overboard. The flavors are clean and distinct, and it is an enjoyable taste. Except it doesn't seem too appropriate in the summer, especially with our hot weather. But once the autumn coolness arrives, and the leaves have fallen, then it will be time for this cider. Buy some now and put it away for a couple months.

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