Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saké News: Growing Rice in Vancouver

Local Saké rice can lead to a significant tax advantage, as well as other benefits, for a Vancouver producer of Saké. In the article, "B.C. Saké Brewer Seeks Fertile Fields," written by Joanne Lee-Young, Canwest News Service, you can read about the efforts of Masa Shiroki to grow rice in Vancouver.

On Granville Island, Masa produces small batches of Saké but suffers a tax disadvantage because his brewery, Artisan Sakemaker, is classified as a commercial winery. But he would reap more financial benefits if he were classified as a land-based winery, and to do so, he needs to grow his own rice. He has started just that, in tiny plots across British Columbia, and will expand his rice paddies in the near future.

To obtain his new classification, Masa must have at least two acres as well as use 100% local ingredients. He underwent plenty of research to discover where rice would best grow in British Columbia. After finding such areas, he started planting experimental 5 by 10 meter plots in these spots. His plan for 2011 is to plant a hectare of land, about 2.5 acres, which will produce five tons of rice, enough for his brewery which only makes 1000 cases.

Masa's efforts may benefit him in other ways with the increased awareness of people for local products. This could help him sell more Saké if all of his ingredients are obtained locally.

Please read the entire article for more information.

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