Sunday, September 5, 2010

Celebrate Saké Day on October 1

What will you do to celebrate Saké Day?

Saké Day ("Nihonshu no Hi") originated over thirty years ago, in 1978, by a declaration of the Japan Saké Brewers Association. It is celebrated worldwide, though celebrations in the Boston area are very sparse.

Why was October 1 chosen? Interestingly, the Chinese character for Saké () is very similar to the Chinese zodiac sign for the Rooster (), the tenth sign. Thus, the first day of the tenth month, October, became Saké Day. It is likely also due in part to the fact that October is generally the start of the Saké brewing season.

As October 1 is a Friday, you can celebrate Saké Day all weekend. I am hoping that local wine stores and restaruants will do something to celebrate, whether it is a tasting, class or dinner. If you need any help, feel free to contact me. For everyone else, please attend a Saké event or hold one at your own home. At the very least, drink some Saké!

Currently, I plan to preside over a Saké tasting at Urban Grape on Saturday, October 2. I will likely preside over another Saké event on October 1, though plans are still being arranged. Please join me in celebrating this holiday and savoring this delicious drink.



Natalie Sztern said...

I found you thru Iron Chef America's episode that featured Trevor Corson whose blog I then googled and found you through a post he wrote. Phew I am tired now. As facetious as I sound, I love being a Canadian but it has its drawbacks. One, being in Canada it means we are about five years late on receiving the current feeds from the US so it is very possible this episode is five years old.

However, I am spending the weekend reading past posts of yours, so I can catch up

I wonder tho, if I gave u a link, if you could tell me the sake you would buy if you lived in Montreal, Quebec where the government is the only one allowed to sell we have very limited selections. Thus my second ludicrous problem.

I have scoured sites to find the names of these sakes and they just don't seem to be on the upper list or lips of Sake Pros like yourself.

I am still stuck in 1977 drinking warm sake and, believe it or not, the same sake for 10 bucks. Hakutsuru.

It is the only one label that our government stores, called SAQ, carry. Unless I order online from the site I am giving you. I will be embarrassed when you read how they describe their sakes.

I will completely understand if you ignore me or have not the time to view the link. However, if you can before Sake Day; then I promise to celebrate it and crack open the bottle you suggest.

True, I do consider it 'comfort sake' as in comfort food and I admit, I do like to drink this warm. It is stronger warm.

Anyhoo, thanks for the blog and I will be an avid reader from this day on...kinda like the six degrees of separation...

Richard Auffrey said...

Hello Natalie and welcome to my blog:

Thanks for your kind words, and I am sorry that your sake selections are so limited. Out of the short list available at the SAQ, I enjoy the Hakushika Junmai Ginjo and Daiginjo, though I suggest drinking them slightly chilled.

Take care

Natalie Sztern said...

thank you so much and on October 1 I will be thinking of you when I open my bottle and toast the joys of Sake.