Monday, September 13, 2010

Rant: Too Happy To Rant

Sorry readers but there will be no rant today. I am currently in beautiful Jerez, visiting sherry bodegas, eating and drinking many fine things. Such a wonderful trip and it has only just begun. So I really find myself unable to rant today. Travel can put yourself in such a fine state of mind. My traveling companions are a very nice assortment of people from all across the country. The weather has been quite sunny and warm.

My palate is being seduced by some exquisite sherries, including the VORS line from Bodegas Harvey, most famous for their Bristol Cream Sherry. But the VORS line, which must have a minimum age of 30 years, and often has an average age much higher, is truly high-end wine, and at a reasonable price for what you get. I will be bringing some home, especially as it is not yet available in the U.S. Later today, I will be visiting Bodegas Tradicion, which only produces VOS and VORS sherries. Should be some excellent wine.

So forget the rant for today and smile instead. I know I will be smiling all week long.

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