Monday, December 6, 2010

Sherry News

I just received the new issue of Decanter (January 2011), which is the first with their new look.  I like the changes that have been made, and the issue has plenty articles of interest to me.  It remains my favorite wine magazine, especially because of the diversity of topics it covers.

As I mentioned before, the December 2010 issued discussed sweet sherries, and the new issue now talks about dry sherries.  There was a Panel Tasting of dry sherries so you will find reviews of their favorite sherries from the tasting.  The article begins with some good introductory information about sherry and there is also a question and answer page with some of the participants of the panel tasting. Finally, you will find a summary from Sarah Jane Evans MW

The winning style of this tasting was Amontillado, highly praised by many, and said to be the most food friendly of all the dry sherries.  The biggest problem seemed to be the lack of freshness of a significant portion of the Finos and Manzanillas, which led to lower scores for them.  Unfortunately, a good number of the sherries that are discussed in this article are not available in Massachusetts, and maybe elsewhere in the U.S. too. But it is still great to see sherry getting more coverage in the major wine periodicals.

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