Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Kushala Sip: Coffee House: Now Open In Stoneham

The Kushala Sip Coffee House is now open in Stoneham, at 335 Main Street, across the the Town Common. Basically, it sells coffee, tea and other beverages, as well as baked goods and egg sandwiches. They have an outside patio and the inside is rather spacious and comfortable.  There is plenty of parking in the area, and it would be a nice stop on Thursday afternoons if you visit the Stoneham Farmer's Market.

Their baked goods come from two local bakeries, Swissb√§kers (one of my favorites) and  The Mad Cake Genius (and they have Finnegans). That is very good news and I like having a place so close where I can pick up a Berliner or Wegli. They serve various egg breakfast sandwiches, and I need to explore those further, to learn their origin too.

There are three drink menus, including the Expresso which lists all the hot coffee options, in Small ($2-$3.55), Regular ($2.40-$4.35)or Large ($2.80-$4.65). There is a list of Frozen drinks, which include coffee and other drinks, such as Green Tea Matcha, Hot Chocolate Freeze and Fruit Smoothies. They come in Regular ($3.95-$4.55) and Large (%4.35-$4.495). Finally, there are the drinks Over Ice, including ice coffee,iced tea (organic), and Italian soda. There is plenty of variety, even for non-coffee lovers.

I'll be making a few stops here in the near future and will report back my thoughts. For now though, I recommend you check it out. And if you do, let me know your thoughts.

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