Monday, August 10, 2015

Rant: Craving Breakfast All Day

It is an artificial division, a tyranny of the plate. Fortunately, there are rebel restaurants which break from these stodgy traditions, refusing to kowtow to those who would refuse diners their desires. We need more such restaurants, especially as most Americans don't want to be bound by these silly restrictions.

What am I talking about? Breakfast, served all day long.

Bacon & eggs for lunch. A stack of pancakes for dinner. Waffles, omelettes, cereal, eggs benedict, and so much more, available whenever you desire. There is absolutely no reason why these foods shouldn't be available all day, They should not be delegated only to morning breakfast. Let us open our kitchens to all the possibilities, allowing people to have "breakfast" foods morning, noon and night.

A recent Reuters article stated that a "2014 survey by the National Restaurant Association showed 72 % of U.S. adults wished restaurants would offer breakfast items all day." That is a substantial number of consumers and those restaurants which are listening can benefit from this desire. The Reuters article concentrated mainly on chains though noting their success with breakfast items. As an example, "breakfast accounts for about 25%t of McDonald's sales and roughly 40% of profit in the United States." The National Restaurant Association has also noted that 32% of family-dining restaurants cited it breakfast as their most successful part of the day,

With so many people wanting breakfast all day, it seems like other restaurants should pay attention and starting offering a "breakfast" entree option on their lunch and dinner menus. For example, a pizza place could offer a pie topped with eggs, bacon, cheese and home fries. Or a restaurant could create a sandwich using pancakes or waffles as the "bread."  A creative chef could concoct all sorts of compelling dishes using traditional breakfast foods. Give the people what they want, breakfast all day long.

Do you have any favorite restaurants which serve "breakfast items" for lunch or dinner?

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