Monday, August 3, 2015

Rant: Stop Torturing Your Wine

Today, the temperature in the Boston area is likely to reach at least 90 degrees and the humidity will be quite high. People generally know that they shouldn't leave children or pets in a car on a hot day, though recent news reports have shown there are at least a few stupid people who can't seem to grasp this simple concept. A child or pet can easily die inside a hot car, within a short time period, so it is vital that this should never be done. We don't want any such tragedy to occur.

Though it is a much less serious matter, there is something else you shouldn't leave in a hot car: wine bottles. Subjecting wine to such extreme heat is torture, and it can adversely affect what's inside the bottle. Do you want to lose your wine due to the heat? Don't do it!

Summer is the time for travel, and maybe you'll visit a wine shop or winery. Or you might just be shopping locally and purchase some wine. You might transport the wine in your car trunk and it could sit there for hours, or even longer. You might not realize that your trunk can get very hot, thus subjecting your wine to intense heat. Your wine though needs protection from such high temperatures.

When I travel, I often bring my wine case (pictured above), which is insulated and holds a dozen bottles of wine. Thus, I can safely transport my wines and it has been invaluable on long trips. You don't need to purchase such a case, though if you often buy wine it can be a good investment. But, carrying some other type of insulated bag, box or other container can be just as good. You need to protect the wine from the heat, keeping it at a cooler temperature.

An insulated container has other uses too if you travel. You might find some food you wish to take home, and that too can be protected on your long drive home. How many times have you stopped at a farmer's market or food shop, and wanted to buy something but worried about it surviving the journey home? An insulated container will resolve that issue so always keep one in your trunk.

It is an easy solution to a rampant problem. Save the wine bottle from the heat, so that you don't come home and find your wine is no good.

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