Thursday, September 3, 2015

Halloween Nightmare At Fenway: The Tipsy Sensei Returns

Will the Boston Red Sox defeat the St. Louis Cardinals and win the World Series or will a supernatural terrorist act bring death and chaos instead?

For four months, since the brutal murder of his beloved wife and son, Nate Randall, the Tipsy Sensei, has been in mourning at a lake house in New Hampshire. Hato, an immortal samurai and Nate's friend, convinces him to return to Boston, to investigate a new supernatural threat, one with its origins in the darker aspects of World War II. Soon enough, Nate and Hato find themselves facing a terrible threat which is connected to the dead and has no compunction at torturing and murdering innocents.

As they struggle to unravel the mystery behind a series of horrific crimes, Nate and Hato face some of their most dangerous foes ever, including a master swordsman who could even be more skilled than Hato. Due to these perils, Nate and Hato recruit Detective Jessica Mayer to assist in their investigations.

Eventually, their investigation leads them to the historic Fenway Park, during the World Series, which may be the target of the threat. Can Nate, Hato and Jessica prevent their supernatural enemies from launching what could be greatest terrorist act on American soil? And even if Nate, Hato and Jessica can succeed, what will be the cost?

The Tipsy Sensei series continues in a new novel, Halloween Nightmare At Fenway, that is now available as an e-book on Amazon and it will be available as a trade paperback later this month. Prior to reading Halloween Nightmare At Fenway, you might want to read the prior two Tipsy Sensei novels: Demons, Gods & Sake and Hand Fed Tigers.

I'll also note some of the restaurants mentioned in this new novel, including Bergamot, Dumpling Café, JM Curley, Oishii, Painted Burro, Posto, South End ButteryTaberna de Haro, Taranta, and Tasting Counter

Kanpai and I hope you enjoy my new novel, Halloween Nightmare At Fenway.

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