Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Top Five Burlington Restaurants

For the last few years, numerous restaurants have sprung up in Burlington, transforming the city into an interesting suburban culinary destination. And the restaurant explosion hasn't stopped, with a number of other new restaurants planned for the future, including the exciting opening of a second location of Island Creek Oyster Bar. As I live only about eight miles from Burlington, I'm very interested in these new restaurants and dine in Burlington on a regular basis. Burlington should be on your dining radar too.

Why has Burlington attracted all of these new restaurants?

There are obviously multiple reasons, including significantly less expensive rents and liquor license costs than in Boston. With its close proximity to Route 128 and Route 3, Burlington is also easily accessible by car from all directions. Because of the large amount of businesses located in Burlington, there is a significant population of daytime employees who seek restaurants for lunch, after-work drinks, and dinner. The presence of such commercial anchors as the Burlington Mall and Wegmans also attract numerous consumers to the city.

With all these new restaurants, how do you know which to patronize? And which to avoid?

To assist you, I'm going to provide you a short list of my Top Five Burlington Restaurants. These are the restaurants I frequent the most, those with delicious food and which are also reasonably priced for their cuisine. I have no qualms about recommending these five places and they should satisfy the vast majority of consumers. I've listed these five restaurants in alphabetical order.

The Bancroft
This is the only one of the five restaurants that I haven't officially reviewed before, but it is well deserving on being on this list. I have dined there multiple times and each experience has been stellar. It is a high-end steakhouse, with a compelling decor, offering many of the traditional steakhouse dishes, but many have their own unique take on those classics. You will also find an excellent cocktail program and wine list. If you want to splurge, to celebrate a special occasion, then this restaurant should be high on your list.

Besito Mexican
You can check out my prior review of this Mexican restaurant at Besito Mexican: A Little Kiss of Deliciousness. In short, the menu is diverse, reasonably priced, and the food is quite tasty. They also aim to make their dishes true what you will find in Mexico. Their desserts are excellent and I would stop here just for one of those sweet delights. They have an excellent cocktail program with plenty of tequilas and a small number of mezcals. There is a second location in Chestnut Hill.

Bobby's Burger Palace
You can check out my prior review of this burger joint at Bobby's Burger Palace: A New Burger Joint in Burlington. Sometimes you just need a good burger and Bobby's will satisfy that craving at a reasonable price. It has a bit of a diner ambiance which enhances its charm. One of the highlights are their Shakes which come in about ten flavors and taste exactly like whatever flavor you request. If you get a coconut shake, you'll taste plenty of coconut with a sense of artificial flavors. There are plenty of spots to get a burger in Burlington, but you should check them out here.

Chopps American Bar & Grill
You can check out my prior review of this burger joint at Chopps American Bar & Grill: A Hotel Restaurant Not To Overlook. This is another steak house but which also serves a variety of other dishes, from pizza to fried chicken sandwiches. I had some of the best fried scallops ever here, and you can't go wrong with any of their steak options either. Their cocktail program is very good and they have a large lounge attached to the restaurant. Though located in a hotel, this is a fine restaurant that you should visit.

Osteria Nino
You can check out my prior review of this burger joint at Osteria Nino: A Touch Of Rome In Burlington. There are several options for Italian food in Burlington but I find myself dining mostly here. Their pasta dishes, many which have house--made pasta, are fantastic and their pizzas are delicious. The menu, which is reasonably priced, changes on a regular basis, offering plenty of seasonal choices, and making sure there is always something new to try. They have an interesting, all-Italian wine list and make a mean cocktail too. A must try restaurant.

What are your thoughts on these five restaurants? What are your top five restaurants in Burlington?


Frederick Wright said...

Even though I can't leave the city since my spouse and I do not drive, it is gratifying to see the evolution of suburban cuisine away from the insipid, bland, corporate chains. Suburbanites are starting to realize that sharing a meal with family, friends, colleagues doesn't need to be a cold refueling exercise but can nourish the soul and help reconnect friendships.

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