Monday, February 8, 2016

Rant: Fear Of Dining Out

Don't let fear prevent you from dining out in certain cities, towns and neighborhoods.

In a recent Boston Globe article, As Chelsea begins to bloom, struggles remain, a dark picture is painted of the city of Chelsea, noting significant drug use and crime. Though the article mentions some of the improvements and growth in Chelsea, it seems to revel in the more seedy aspects. I believe that one consequence of this article will be that some people won't want to travel to Chelsea, fearful of what might happen to them there. The same applies to other places which often seem to have a poor reputation in the media, including Roxbury, Dorchester and Lynn.

However, excellent restaurants exist in these cities, giving plenty of reason to visit these places. For example, Ciao Pizza & Pasta, located in Chelsea, has received my raves and was one of my Favorite New Restaurants of 2015. They make excellent house-made pasta and wood-fire pizzas and I frequently dine there. I have never once felt in danger while visiting this restaurant and I haven't seen anything in the neighborhood to give me concern. Yet I know people who won't dine at Ciao simply because they think Chelsea is too dangerous. How absurd!

Fear is preventing some people from checking out other excellent restaurants too, such as The Blue Ox in Lynn, the Ashmont Grill in Dorchester, and Merengue in Roxbury. Though I have not been there yet, but intend to visit in the near future, I have heard many good things about Chill On Park, a new ice cream shop, in Dorchester. Instead, those fearful people will seek out restaurants in areas which they consider to be "safer."

The truth is that no place is completely safe. Criminals exist in all towns and cities and pose a potential threat. Your car could be vandalized or you could be robbed in any city or town. There might be a greater chance in certain areas, but there are plenty of things you can do to lessen your chances. You need to be aware and smart wherever you travel and your chances of being a victim of crime will greatly diminish.

The potential threat in places like Chelsea, Lynn, Dorchester and Roxbury is lower than the media depicts and should not be sufficient to keep you from patronizing the excellent restaurants in those areas. Don't be a victim of fear. Take control of your life, be smart and don't miss out on any culinary experiences.

Does anyone have some other recommendations for excellent restaurants in Chelsea, Roxbury, DorchesterLynn or similar cities which are thought to be "dangerous?"

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