Monday, September 26, 2016

Rant: The "Best" Seafood Restaurant?

What is the best seafood restaurant on the South Shore?

Recently, the Atlantic Kitchen made that claim on their Facebook page, stating they were "The best family run seafood restaurant on the South Shore." To their credit, they have removed that statement from their Facebook page. The problem was that the restaurant wasn't even open yet, and may not open until October or November. How can you make such a claim when you aren't even open?

Declaring yourself to be the "best" restaurant in any category is arrogant. Of course you are biased, and aren't making an objective statement. If you want to prove the quality of your restaurant, then let your customers determine how you compare to other similar restaurants. They are the ones who make the ultimate decision, voting with their wallets and pocketbooks.

I've seen other restaurants claiming to be the "Best," such as various roast beef spots, and have even seen one claiming to be the best roast beef spot in the world! Why do these restaurants make such outrageous claims? Is there anyone who believes such claims? I just can't see the average person seeing such a claim and believing it. I can't see the average person choosing a restaurant because they see such a "best" sign outside of it. The customers should all know that such "best" signs are simply puffery. And unnecessary puffery.

Restaurants, drop the claims that you are the "best." Your efforts would be better invested in providing quality food and service, letting word of mouth and positive reviews to indicate the quality level of your restaurant. If anything, calling yourself the "best" could have negative repercussions, causing some potential customers to turn away from your perceived arrogance.

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Crystal Carson said...

Restaurants claiming they are the"best" really need to back it up with established clientele. It's a nice claim to have for a business, but those claims can possible be disputed at first bite by customers. I would rather explore a new place and determine for myself if the food is good without the false hype.