Friday, June 20, 2008

Bin Ends: Twitter Tastings

Bin Ends is a new discount wine store in Braintree and I previously gave it a very positive review. I very much like their philosophy and they have an excellent selection of wines, at very good prices. It is well worth visting this wine store and I bet you won't be able to leave the store without buying something.

Bin Ends has also embraced the new social media like Twitter and Facebook. I have been following them on Twitter for awhile and much of what they have been sending is information about the wines they have for sale. But they are now expanding the content of their Twitters. They are going to use Twitter to run "Twitter Taste Live" and just announced it on their blog.

The essence of this new project is that Bin Ends will bring together famous wine personalities with consumers from all over the world through Twitter. At specific times, Twitter users will be able to taste wines from these wine makers and use Twitter to comment live about the wines as well as to ask questions of these wine makers. Twitter posts have a limit of 140 characters so it makes for short comments. Veteran Twitterers soon learn how to make every character count.

I think this is an excellent and innovative idea and a great use of Twitter by a wine store. It is not the usual spam comments. It is a way to promote their store but also to bring together wine lovers, to help educate, and to connect consumers with wine makers and more. I am very much looking forward to these Twitter Tastings. Kudos to Bin Ends!

It is very simple to participate. Just sign up for a free Twitter account and then "follow" BINENDSWINE on Twitter. The dates, times and speakers for the upcoming Twitter Tastings will be announced both on Twitter, Facebook as the Bin End's website. These Twitter Tastings will commonly be held on the third Thursday of every month at 7pm EST though the date and times will sometimes vary. The wines for these Twitter Tastings will be available at least 3 weeks prior at Bin Ends. And they will ship for free across the U.S., to wherever they can deliver. Bin Ends will announce their first 3 guests early next week.

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