Sunday, June 8, 2008

Saké Sunday: Saké2Me Flavored Saké

With summer here, we all want something refreshing to drink. If we are sitting outside at a BBQ or just hanging with friends, we may want something low in alcohol, especially if we plan on being outside for some time. Maybe a flavored Saké will fit what you want.

While persuing the shelves at Beverly Wine & Beer Co., I saw the Saké2Me Flavored Saké. There were four flavors available, including Yuzu Citrus, Green Tea, Ginger Mango and Asian Pear. Each 187ml (6.3 oz) bottle was $3.99. It is made in California and will soon be available all over the country.

Each bottle is made from Junmai Saké, so it is made from quality Saké. Only all-natural flavors and colors are used, and it is naturally sweetened with cane sugar. There are no sulfites and it is gluten free as well. It is only 7% alcohol so it is a low-alcohol drink. It is suggested that you drink it chilled, or even on the rocks.

I tried all four of the flavors. In general, they all have a light effervescence, not the heavy carbonation of a soda. They are clean, crisp and refreshing, an excellent choice for a summer drink. My favorite flavor was the Asian Pear, with just the right hint of sweetness and intriguing flavors that did remind me of a fresh Asian pear. The Green Tea was also very good, with more of a tea and herbal flavor. The Yuzu Citrus possessed nice citrus flavors, though with its own unique twist. I did not care for the Ginger Mango, though primarily because I am not a big fan of Mango. If you like Mango though, I am sure you would enjoy it.

The flavors were all well integrated into the Saké. They did not overwhelm and any sweetness was very subdued. I am sure they could be used as well for a base for cocktails or a summer punch. I very much enjoyed them and will buy some more to stock up for the summer.

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