Sunday, January 3, 2010

Saké in Vancouver

Almost two years ago, I posted about the first Saké brewery in Vancouver. In 2007, Masa Shiroki opened a brewery on Granville Island in Vancouver called Artisan Sakemaker.

There is a new article on, written by Joanne Lee-Young of the Vancouver Sun, about Shiroki. He has begun to grow Saké rice rather than import it from Japan. Partially this was done to acquire a better tax rebate, which would significantly benefit his business bottom line. If his business were more profitable, he could also more readily afford to improve it. Shiroki has several different rice plots in British Columbia, looking to expand in the future. This would also help his brewery become more sustainable, always a good thing.

Shiroki currently produces six Sakés, including: Junmai Nama Genshu, Junmai Nama, Junmai Nama Nigori, Junmai Sparkling Saké, Junmai Ginjo Genshu, and Junmai Ginjo Nigori Genshu. He also produces Artisan Kasu. Kasu is the “lees” that remain after the pressing during the brewing process. In Japan, it is used to marinate fish and meat or to pickle vegetables. Shiroki also uses the Kasu to make his own Citrus Dressing and Hot Sauce.

I look forward to tasting his Saké one day.

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