Friday, October 29, 2010

Salvatore's: New Restaurant in Medford

Though only open for about two weeks, I have dined twice now at Salvatore's, a new Italian restaurant on High Street in Medford. This is their third location and the first that I have visited. Though some leeway needs to be given to any new restaurant for at least the first couple months, Salvatore's already seems to be doing fairly well.  You can read my initial review of Salvatore's at the new Medford Patch, an online news site dedicated to all things Medford, which launches today.

As a brief addendum, since that review, I have also had lunch at Salvatore's. It too was good, with a couple minor food issues which I chalk up to the newness of the restaurant.  Service was once again excellent and I will be returning soon to check out more of their lunch and dinner menus. And after those additional visits, I will return here with a more indepth review.

At this time though, I recommend Salvatore's and just ask that you give them a little leeway if everything is not perfect.  It always takes a little time to work out the kinks in a new place.

55 High Street
Medford, MA
Phone: (781) 393-9333

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