Monday, December 29, 2014

Drink Me Magazine: Port to Sake & Cheese

Unique Port wines. Sake & Cheese pairings. 

These are the subjects of two articles I recently wrote for Drink Me Magazine, and though they are holiday-themed, you'll find the information more than appropriate year-round.

Most people know about Ruby, Tawny and Vintage Ports but there are plenty of other Port types that exist, but which are much less known. In the Top Five Most Unique Ports For Holiday Gifts, you'll find recommendations for five unusual Ports, from Aged White Port to Organic Port, which make for excellent and unique gifts. Rather than give these as gifts, you could also buy these Ports for yourself, expanding your own wine horizons. Port is under-appreciated, and even more so the type of Ports I mention in this article, so now is the time to explore the wonders and diversity of Port.

Many people enjoy pairing wine and cheese, but there is another alcoholic beverage which may even rival many wines with cheese. In the Top Ten Sakes To Pair With Your Holiday Cheese Platter, I provide recommendations for ten different Sakes, from Sparkling Sake to Aged Sake, and suggest cheeses which will pair well with each of those Sakes. These suggestions will work well for the holidays, but also year round too. Sake and cheese is an excellent pairing, and the diversity of Sake means that you'll be able to find a Sake to pair well with any type of cheese. And even if you don't like, or can't eat cheese, you'll find my recommendations for ten fascinating Sakes.

What other types of such lists would you like to see me compile?

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