Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Riceburg Food Truck: An Initial Impression

One of the newest food trucks in Boston is Rice Burg, which offers rice patties as buns for their sandwiches. I stopped by the truck recently, when they were parked near the Back Bay T station. Their menu is small, offering four sandwiches and sides, including rice cake skewers, fish/beef balls, and fries. Though the sandwiches are listed under Rice Burgers ($6.75-$7.75), they don't sell hamburgers and what they do sell really doesn't qualify as a burger. Instead, you'll find crispy chicken, shaved steak and shaved Shitake mushrooms.  The Sides cost $2-$3.

The Rice Skewers ($2) are supposed to be crispy fried rice cakes topped with their Red Sauce. I wasn't impressed with these as they were much more chewy than crispy though the red sauce with sesame seeds was tasty, a nice combo of sweet and spicy. In some respects, they reminded me of the fake crab sticks you get at sushi joints.

On the other hand, the Crispy Chicken Rice Burger ($6.75) was impressive. You can choose either Mala Spicy or Sweet & Sour, and I opted for the latter. The sandwich was made with lettuce, a pineapple ring and the sweet & sour sauce. The chicken, all white meat, was large and thick, with a crisp coating and lots of tender, moist meat. The sauce was tasty too, a nice balance of flavors. The rice patties were good too, adding an intriguing element to the sandwich, like a rice and chicken bowl. I think it was a great option instead of a bread bun and I would like to see those rice patties used on other sandwiches too. The only minor complaint is that the rice patty did break apart a bit, in larger chunks, as I ate the sandwich. Overall, a delicious sandwich, priced quite reasonably, and I would definitely order it again.

Once I try some of their other items, I'll report back. For now, I highly recommend you check out their Crispy Chicken Rice Burger.


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