Monday, February 8, 2021

Rant: Potato Chips Need More Variety

The next time you visit a grocery store, take a look at all the potato chips offered for sale. You'll find different styles, from ruffled chips to kettle chips, and different flavors, from sour cream & onion to stranger versions, like cappuccino. However, nearly all of the chips you see are from the same potato type, and thus, no matter their other differences, they are all similar in that respect. 

I want that to change!

Did you know that there are said to be at least 4,000 different varieties of potato in Peru? They come in various sizes and shapes, as well as different colors, including white, yellow, blue, red, pink and purple. With all that diversity available, why aren't companies using those Peruvian potatoes to make more unique potato chips? 

I have seen a couple of companies which have done this, including the Trader Joe's Peruvian Potato Chips (pictured above). They remain rare though and we need more companies to produce these type of chips. I've enjoyed the potato chips I've tasted from Peruvian potatoes, both from an aesthetic aspect as well as their flavor. And these Peruvian chips have a different taste, which comes from the potatoes and not some artificial flavors. 

Local Peruvian restaurants, like Tambo 22, have introduced some of the unique varieties of Peruvian potatoes to the Boston area. So, the Boston area should be open to the idea of Peruvian potato chips as well. A bowl of multi-colored Peruvian potato chips certainly looks more appealing than a bowl of ordinary, monochromatic chips. And Peruvian chips can add new flavors.

Even sweet potato chips, which can be quite tasty, are relatively uncommon. Why are we so stuck on the ordinary potato chip? Why can't we embrace the possibilities of thousands of different potatoes? Toss off the boring and be more chip adventurous!  

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