Thursday, April 29, 2021

Thursday Sips & Nibbles

I'm back again with a new edition of Sips & Nibbles, my regular column where I highlight some interesting, upcoming food and drink events. I hope everyone dines out safely and tips well.
1) Fusion cuisine, if done well, can be delicious and fascinating. I've recently discussed Chifa cuisine, a fusion of Peruvian and Chinese cuisine which works very well. During the last several years, one of my other favorite fusion cuisines was the melding of Greek and Mexican (Grexico) cuisine offered by Committee, which unfortunately is only offered once a year, for Cinco de Mayo

It really should be offered year round, or even open a restaurant dedicated to this fusion cuisine. Chef de Cuisine Luis Figueroa has created dishes which are absolutely delicious and compelling. I highly recommend that you visit Committee on Wednesday, May 5, from 5pm-11pm.

The Menu is as follows:
--Grecamole (mashed avocados and herbs, feta, pita chips) $14
--Kalamboki (Mexican street corn, spicy jalapeno mayo, grated mizithra) $12
--Spanakopita Empanada (salsa verde, Mexican cream, manouri cheese) $4 each
--Grilled Corn Horiatiki Salad (grilled corn, tomato, onion, cilantro, pepper, cucumber, queso fresco, crispy tortilla strips) $14
--Lavraki Ceviche (Branzino, lime, red onion, oregano, cilantro, serrano, tomato, evoo, served with corn chips) $18
--Bambazo (chorizo, potato, lettuce, Grexico cream, feta, brioche) $14
--Corn Tamale (corn husk steamed, horta cream sauce, graviera) $13
--Grilled Panela Cheese (grilled halloumi, pepper confit, corn tortilla) $14
--Lamb Ribs (Adobo and Greek herb cooked paidakia, horta chimichurri) $16
--Mushroom Tostada (crispy corn tortilla, mushrooms, gigante puree) $18
Tacos (3 per order)
--Pescado (grilled swordfish, baja skordalia, Greek olive salsa, Greek slaw, chipotle aioli, corn tortilla) $18
--Pork Belly (avocado tzatziki, red radish salsa, corn tortilla) $16
--Lamb Barbacoa (braised lamb, tzatziki, FIX beer guajillo, onion, cilantro, grape leaf-corn tortilla) $22
Para La Mesa 
--Pork Carnitas (pork confit, toursi, spicy gigantes, Florina pepper sauce, horiatiki salsa, salsa verde) $28
--Whole Red Snapper (Adobo marinated, achiote, onions, rigani, Mexico City salad, corn tortillas, Greek olive salsa, house made hot sauce) $32
--Brocheta (beef souvlaki, pepper, onions, tomato, guacamole, charros beans, asada spicy salsa, tortillas) $28
--Churros (with merenda) $10
--Mastiha Flan $10
Drinko de Mayo Cocktails
--Is This A Margarita? Don Julio reposado, tamarind, ancho chili, lime zest agave, Royal Combier, citrus) $16
--Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Chamango? Frozen Don Julio blanco, chamoy, mango slushie, tajin ($15)
--I Got My Yucatan in Jamaica (Ketel One, Agua de Jamaica, lime bitters, citrus) $15
--Papa's Michelada (House made michelada mix, Tecate) $9
--Tecate (Hot sauce and lime) $7

Reservations are strongly encouraged. Please call 617-737-5051

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