Monday, May 3, 2021

It's Starting To Return...

It's starting to return to an element of normalcy....the local restaurant scene. 

Nearly all of the restaurants which had temporarily closed for the winter have reopened. There are many more food options available now. Some are only doing take out/delivery while others have inside and/or patio dining. 

Over the past week, I've dined out at a few spots and they have all been relatively busy, a very good sign that things are beginning to resume some aspect of normality. While enjoying a spicy, crispy pork belly Bahn Mi at Viet Citron, I watched the staff prepare order after order, many for take-out. I also enjoyed a delicious Peruvian dinner at Tambo 22. and the restaurant was as full as pandemic regulations would allow. It felt almost normal to be dining there. 

I see friends who are also starting to dine out once again, showing pictures of the patios and restaurants at which they have recently dined. With the warmer weather, patios should be even more popular. As more people get vaccinated, hopefully restaurant will see even more customers. They need our support, and we should do our part, which includes tipping well. 

I've got no desire to Rant today. The past week has given me a little hope that life will return to a semblance of normality in the near future. For me, dining out helps make life seem more normal, so I'm glad to see many others feel that same way. 

Please get vaccinated, be safe, and support the local restaurant industry. 

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