Monday, June 26, 2023

Rant: Legal Sea Foods, Sake & A Missed Opportunity

I was pleased to see that Legal Sea Foods now carries four different Sakes, all available by the glass. However, I was disappointed in their presentation of their new Sake offerings, which perpetuates a Sake myth and constitutes a major lost opportunity. 

Legal Sea Foods has expanded their Sushi offerings at all of their locations, and now they all offer "rolled and/or pressed sushi." Nigiri, Sashimi and Maki can now be found at their various locations. This new Sushi is presented in their promotion of their "Sushi & Sake Menu," which states, "Sake is the Perfect Compliment to Our Fresh Sushi Offering!

Yes, Sake is an excellent pairing with Sushi, but it's so much more versatile and food friendly. And that is the heart of the lost opportunity. Why promote Sake for just Sushi? Why not promote it for their entire seafood menu? 

As I've said many times before, Sake pairs well with much more than just Japanese cuisine. It's a myth that Sake only pairs well with Sushi. There's not a cuisine that you can't find an appropriate Sake. And the best way to mainstream Sake, to make it more popular with the general public, is to make it available on menus at non-Asian restaurants. Let's see a sommelier at an Italian bistro recommending Sake with a pasta dish. Let's see a Burger or Pizza joint with Sake on their drinks menu.  

Sake and seafood, of all types and preparations, is such an easy and delicious pairing. Legal Sea Foods, in promoting just Sushi and Sake, is perpetuating the myth that Sake is only appropriate for Japanese cuisine. They should be promoting Sake as a pairing for their entire menu, from Oysters to Fish & Chips, from Lobster to Salmon. 

If they did so, they would likely sell much more Sake than just by pushing it for their new Sushi. Why limit Sake promotion to just Sushi, when it would pair so well with the rest of their seafood offerings? With all of their numerous locations, Legal Sea Food could do so much to help mainstream Sake, and all it would take is promoting Sake for their entire menu, rather than simply Sushi.  

Sake. It's for whatever you're eating for dinner.

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