Monday, September 4, 2023

Rant: A Lazy Restaurant Wine List

Last week, I dined at a relatively new local restaurant, and very much enjoyed the food. I'm looking forward to dining there again soon, to try more of their dishes. However, I was dismayed by one aspect of the restaurant: their wine list. 

The restaurant offers some intriguing cocktails, some made with more unusual ingredients, while their beer list has some good craft beers. On the other hand, their wine list is generic, and fails to mention even a single producer. Instead, for red wine options, the menu simply mentions "Merlot Red" and "Malbec Red." For white wine, there's "Chardonnay White" and "Pinot Grigio White." The menu also lists "Rosé" and "Brut." Why don't they list the producer of these wines?

Every one of these wines is priced at $8 a glass, and thus are likely very inexpensive wines, probably costing less than $10 a bottle at retail. They are probably also value brands, which producer millions of bottles of generic plonk. I very much doubt that wine lovers would find any of these wines of interest. And I don't understand why their wine list is so uninspired, when their cocktails and beers show some inspiration. 

It's a lazy wine list, taking the least amount of thought to compose, and it diminishes the restaurant, especially considering how much attention was paid to the other aspects of the restaurant. At the very least, they should have listed the producers of the wine. However, it wouldn't have taken much more effort to choose several interesting, good value wines, rather than the generic plonk they do sell. Even if the restaurant owners knew little of wine, they could have asked the distributor for better options. 

I've seen other restaurants before with similar lazy wine lists, failing to provide even the name of the producer. Sometimes, I have also seen options of "Hot" and "Cold" Sake, which again fail to mention the name of the producer. You know that these mystery wines are cheap, low quality wines. Even when their food and cocktails are tasty and interesting, a lazy wine list adversely affects the overall rating of the restaurant. 

Restaurant owners with lazy wine lists: Take a little time to improve your wine lists, and enhance your restaurant's overall reputation. 

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