Monday, September 24, 2007

Wine Infused Salt

Wine is certainly becoming a common ingredient in making all sorts of new food items. I recently posted about wine ice cream. Now, I want to bring your attention to wine infused salt.

Thanks to Ryan over at Catavino for bringing this to my attention.

Bodegas Abadia Reteurta, a Spanish winery, is now selling wine infused salt. Pascal Delbeck, who operates Selde Vin, a salt infused company, has developed some special wine infused salts for Abadia Reteurta. Pascual made a Tempranillo infused salt with Abadia's Pago Negralada and a Syrah infused salt from their Pago La Garduña. This certainly is an intriguing idea.

The salts are currently available only at the winery. It comes in either a 3 ounce (4,50 Euros) or 11 ounce (12,50 Euros) bottle.

The winery is currently running a recipe competition where you can win some of the salt. Check out the rules for the contest. Basically you need to come up with a recipe that would go well with either of their new wine infused salts.

Abadia Reteurta is one of the wineries I will soon be visiting when I travel to Spain. So, I will be sure to pick up a couple bottles of the two salts so I can try them at home.

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