Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wine Blogging Wednesday #38

For WBW #38, Ryan and Gabriella over at Catavino were handed the torch to choose the theme. After their concentration last month on the wines of Portugal, they have decided to continue their efforts and make it the theme for WBW #38. So, the theme was Portuguese Tables Wines With Caveats. The main caveat is that you could not Port or Madeira. They also provided a helpful cheat sheet on Portuguese wine, including a list of U.S. distributors. They even provided some ways to earn bonus points.

As I have been in Spain the last two weeks, I have not fully been able to participate in this month´s event. But, thanks to Ryan and Gabriella, I still was able to drink some Portuguese wine.

Last night, I finally got to meet them in person. Though I will discuss that meeting in greater length later, Ryan did bring with him a bottle of Portuguese wine. I do not recall the winery but it was made from Touriga Nacional. Sitting atop the roof of my hotel, Ryan, my wife and I drank the wine. It was certainly an intriguing wine, with a rather unique flavor. Yet it was even more special than it might have been usually.

First, there was the great setting. A beautiful warm evening, with an incredible view of the Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona. I know how Ryan enjoys rooftop tastings and it was good to be able to offer him such a setting.

Second, was the company. To meet Ryan and Gabriella in person, who I have previously only known online, was a true pleasure. And the wine we shared was that much more special because of it.

Any wine might be good on its own. It might have a great taste, be well balanced, and have a nice structure. It may even be an incredible wine. Yet, sharing that wine with good friends, new or old, will always elevate the experience. Even a cheap bottle of wine can be so much more when shared as such.

Thanks so much to Ryan and Gabriella for selecting the theme this month, as well as sharing your time with us in Barcelona.

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Anonymous said...

We thank you for the fun night as well. It was great to meet your wife, and to share some wine and food with a fellow blogger. Now I look forward to hearing you recount the many tales of Spain that I know you have.