Saturday, November 17, 2007

Angela's Coal Fired Pizza: Revisited

Things are improving.

I recently visited the newly opened Angela's Coal Fired Pizza and I returned again today for lunch. My meal this time was better than my first visit. Plus, I tried more of the different foods they have available.

We began with the Italian Salad ($9) which is made for two people. The salad had Romaine lettuce, including much of the hearts of the Romaine. There were also onions, tomatoes, olives, chickpeas and slices of egg. This dressing was an olive oil vinegarette. All of the ingredients were very fresh and the dressing was tasty. It was good-sized and I enjoyed it.

Next, we had a small order of Coal Fired Wings ($8.50). This consisted of about nine chicken wings, topped with coal fired onions and two pieces of Foccacia bread. The wings were excellent, with an intriguing spiced coating and a bit of lemon. The meat was very tender and almost falling off the bone. The onions and bread were very good as well. I definitely could have made a meal of the wings alone.

We ended with a small Ultimo pizza ($15.50), one of their specialty pizzas. It is covered with sausage, prosciutto, meatball and pepperoni. This pizza was well covered with meat. There was no shortage of toppings. And it was delicious! The crust was perfect and it was all very tasty. This pizza was much better than the one I had on my previous visit.

Service was good. Overall my visit this time was better than my previous one. As it is new, it is probably just working our the kinks. And it has been improving. I will return again and recommend you check it out as well.

Angela's Coal Fired Pizza
880 Broadway (Rt.1)
Saugus, MA
Phone: 781-941-COAL

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Maggie said...

I have been dying to try this place. When we want good fired pizza, we always visit Flatbread in Bedford, MA. I'd love to find a closer locale for yummy fired pizza. I will try out Angela's asap!

olderm said...

I was there on Saturday night . The service was fast and friendly . The menu is a testament to the new dine and dash craze . Angela's must learn the difference between well done and crispy pizza . Burned edges and a soggy center doesn't translate to a great pie . This place could quickly develop a cult following or be gone within a year .