Thursday, June 26, 2008

2008 Readers' Choice Awards

The winners in the 2008 Readers' Choice Awards have now been published in the June 25 issues of the local newspapers, including our own Stoneham Sun. You will also be able to read the list of winners online tommorrow. The areas covered by the awards include Stoneham, reading, Wakefield, Saugus, Melrose, Malden and Medford.

There are over 70 categories though what is most important to me are the numerous restaurant and liquor store categories. Last year, some of the results surprised me and I previously posted my thoughts. What had most surprised me were some of the omissions as well as a few of the places received the Best votes. So it is time for me to dissect some of the list of winners again, to see where I may agree or disagree.

I had complained last year that though there is a listing for Liquor Store there is not a separate category for Wine Store. This year, they still do not have a separate category for Wine Store and I still think they should. We have seen a number of stores in the last few years that concentrate primarily on wine. I don't think they can be adequately compared to a general liquor store.

As for the specific winners, I am surprised that the Grapevine Travelers, a very good wine store, did not make the list in Medford. Which could be due to the lack of a separate category for wine stores. In Saugus, though OurGlass Wine Co. received an honorable mention, I do think they are better than the winner, Nasty Nonnis. I was glad to see that The Wine Shop of Reading and Rapid Liquors took top honors in Reading and Stoneham.

I was pleased to see that Pignone's Cafe was the #1 Choice of Restaurant for Breakfast in Stoneham. They certainly serve an excellent breakfast. Though I do think that the Dairy Dome is deserving at least of an Honorable Mention. Their D-Boy spucky is an excellent breakfast sandwich. I think the Dairy Dome also should have be on the list for Restaurant for Lunch as well as Restarant for Takeout. Plus, where are the mentions for Georgie D's Place? Georgie D's makes excellent Italian food and they are open for both lunch and dinner. Yet they did not receive any mention on Restaurant for Lunch, Restaurant for Dinner, or Fine Dining Restaurant. They only received an Honorable Mention for Italian Restaurant. Melissa's Main Street Bistro (the former KroMels') received an Honorable Mention for Fine Dining Restaurant. But they did not receive a mention for Restaurant for Steak. And they do deserve such a mention. As for Pizza Place, one of my favorite places in Stoneham was omitted, Pizzamia. And for Saugus, there was no mention for Angela's Coal Fired Pizza.

So, what do you think of the list of winners? Do you agree or disagree? Did one of your favorites fail to make the list?

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