Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Melting Pot: Park Plaza

A new Melting Pot restaurant will open on August 14 in the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. This will be their third Massachusetts location. I am a fan of their Burlington/Bedford location so was pleased to see they were opening a Boston location.

I had a chance the other evening to see the new restaurant. The main entrance from the street leads first to the bar area. As you can see above, the bar has a very modern look and will carry a full selection of wines, beers and liquors, including many different Martinis. The bar here though is different from their other Massachusetts locations as there are actually a few grills on the bar. Thus, you can order fondue at the bar.

Starting in the bar area, and along part of the side of the restaurant, there are a number of booths with windows facing the outside. You can dine here and people watch at the same time. You also won't feel confined in these booths either. The basic booth has like a marble top with the central grill plate. There are larger tables, with two grill plates, for larger parties. All in all, the restaurant can hold about 200 people. There is also a function room which can hold about 36 guests.

Like the other locations, this one has a Lover's Lane section, secluded booths for two that provide a more intimate ambiance. These are great for dates or special occasions when you just want to feel more private. Thus this location caters to all types of diners, from large families to intimate couples. It certainly feels like a large place with plenty of booths everywhere.

The restaurant has a hipper, more urban style than the other Massachusetts locations. Though the area around the Park Plaza has plenty of restaurants, the Melting Pot offers a unique alternative to the other cuisines available.

I had the opportunity to taste some of their food as well, and all of it was delicious and high quality. They had a new cheese fondue, a Boston Lager, that had an interesting taste, but without a strong beer flavor. Even had a couple glasses of Folie A Deux Menage a Trois Rose, a delicious, dry wine with nice strawberry flavors.

You should check out this new Melting Pot, though you better make reservations as I expect it will be busy, especially as it just opens next week.

At the Boston Park Plaza Hotel
76 Arlington Street
Boston, MA
Phone: 617-357-7007

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