Monday, October 6, 2008

Caviar, Champagne & Chocolate

Would you enjoy some Caviar, Champagne & Chocolate, all joined together in one decadent pleasure? Who would dare create such an alluring combination?

Lee Napoli, the owner of Chocolee Chocolates (one of my favorite chocolate stores) would dare to concoct such a treasure. She has created a unique candy that marries the astringent sparkle of imported champagne, the saltiness of fresh golden caviar, and Callebaut 70% bittersweet chocolate ?

These Champagne and Caviar Truffles go on sale this month. The champagne is whipped with cream into a sweet ganache filling, while the caviar is carefully air-dried to provide both texture and a longer shelf life (10 days maximum). The resulting confection balances sweet and salty in a subtle fashion, just enough for each bite to register on different parts of one’s tongue.

These unique hand-crafted chocolate truffles are available in limited quantities, for a limited time. Phone orders, at 617-236-0606, are now being accepted for Holiday 2008. A charming wooden crate of four truffles retails for $60. Yes, these are pricey treats but consider the cost of the ingredients.

Chocolee will also spotlight some other new flavors for late fall, including: sesame caramel, apple-maple, pumpkin, lime curd and brandied chestnut. Call 617-236-0606.

Plus, in other good news, Beignets are back! After a summer hiatus, they are available again on Saturdays and Sundays.

Chocolee Chocolates
83 Pembroke Street
Boston, MA
Phone: 617-236-0606

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susan booth said...

I have to say my favourite is most definitely moet et chandon from sparkling direct it has such a nice taste and aroma to it, and best of all the price is very reasonable compared to the likes of Dom Perignon and other classy brands of champagne.