Friday, October 10, 2008

WBW #51: Baked Goods

The theme for Wine Blogging Wednesday #51 has now been announced and it is fitting with the start of autumn. Joe of 1Wine Dude is this month's host and he has chosen a theme that caters to his sweet tooth. The theme is: Baked Goods.

What does that strange theme entail? It is not what you might think. Joe's "Baked Goods" are wines that have been deliberately heated, or Madeirized. Check out 1Wine Dude's WBW announcement for more information. A couple of the wines that would qualify include Madeira and Australia's Rutherglen Tokays. As it might be difficult for some to locate these wines, Joe has expanded the theme to allow the selection of sweet Fortified wines too.

On or before, Wednesday, November 12, post your tasting review on your blog. Then just add a comment on the Baked Goods post with a link to your review. With the holidays coming, this might be an opportunity to find some intriguing new dessert wines to share with family and friends.

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