Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wine Bloggers Conference

Where will many of my wine blogging friends be this weekend? From October 24-26, they will be attending the first Wine Bloggers Conference in Sonoma County. This conference will bring together wine bloggers, wineries, wine writers, media professionals and more. The list of participants indicates a very storng showing. It will be an opportunity to learn and network, to discuss and analyze, to meet each other and have fun.

Plenty of exciting and interesting events have been scheduled, from a Blind Tasting Challenge to Vineyard tours. There will be numerous discussion groups, most specifically on issues of concern for bloggers, including: Increasing Visitors to Your Blog, Wine Blogger Credibility, Making Money From your Blog and Wine Industry & Blogger Interaction.

Unfortunately, I won't be attending this year's conference. It just could not be worked into my schedule for a few reasons though I very much wish I could be there. It would be great to meet so many people who I only know online, to share a glass or two or three with them. Plus, it will be a significant opportunity for providing more unity to the wine blogging community, giving it a stronger voice.

Yet this certainly will not be the last such conference. The European Wine Blogger Conference, held this past August, was successful and they will hold another in the future. There is no reason to believe that the conference in Sonoma County won't be successful too, so there will be others. There has actually already been some discussions that the next conference will be held on the East Coast.

I will raise a glass this weekend to the Wine Bloggers Conference, wishing them all the best!

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Dale Cruse said...

I really wish I could attend this event as well. Maybe next time. Tell everyone I said hi.