Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Decanter: November 2008

Decanter, a British wine magazine, remains one of my favorite wine magazines especially because it covers such a wide variety of topics and regions. I read many of the wine magazines but Decanter remains high on my list. Their November 2008 issue had plenty of interesting articles and essays and I want to highlight some of them.
  • The ban of Georgian wine by Russia and how it has enhanced the quality of Georgian wines. (p.14)
  • Understanding the different tastes of China, the differences of Beijing and Shanghai. (p.31)
  • "Why Spain is the Most Exciting Wine Country in Europe" (p.41)
  • Terroir in Spain, the regions of Ribera Sacra and Bierzo (p.46)
  • South Australian Rieslings (p.62)
  • Can You Train Your Nose? (p.94)
  • A lengthy section on the wines of Portugal. (p.80-94)
  • All about Olive Oil. (p.116)
  • Plus, each issue has a wine-related cartoon and some of them have been quite clever.

There are plenty of additional articles and essays as well but you can see the diversity from the above. Many other wine magazines rarely have so much diversity in each issue. Their articles on less common wine regions are infrequent, yet Decanter regularly touches on these areas. So check out Decanter and learn more about the entirety of the world of wine.

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