Monday, December 8, 2008

New York City: I Have Returned

I am back from several fun-filled days in New York City. We certainly packed in a lot during those four days, going non-stop from morning to night. Everyone had a great time, lots of laughs and lots of fun.

The weather was fairly cooperative, generally cold but manageable, nothing that really distracted us from enjoying our time. We even had a bit of snow on Saturday evening that only added to the charm of being in New York City during the holiday season.

l will soon be reporting on all of my food and wine adventures, from Pomme Frites to Sakaya, as well as the harrowing story of how I narrowly avoided being slain by Ninja. Who knew a Tribeca restaurant could be so dangerous? I will be posting all week about New York City.

As I have recommended before, New York City is such a perfect place to visit during the holiday season. There is such a energy that pervades the city and you cannot help but be infused with the holiday spirit. There is so much to see and do in the city. Foodies and wine lovers will especially find much of interest.

If you have been to NYC during this holiday season, please tell me your own stories. What excited you on your trip?

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