Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Beehive: Sting! 5

The Beehive will soon be holding their fifth installment in their continuing Art Series, Sting! 5: Pop Rocks. On Tuesday, June 9, from 6:30PM-8:30PM, The Beehive's co-owner and resident curator Jennifer Epstein and guest curator Evelyn Rydz will host this new show.

The artists in Pop Rocks bring into play the visual language of consumer and popular culture in combination with personal visual vocabularies to form dynamic portraits and recreate their everyday. Exploring aesthetics and signs of visual culture, the artists extrapolate from a variety of sources including: Hollywood movies, mass production packaging, fashion photography, cartoons, digital interfaces, anime, and corporate identity logos.

The artists’ work not only incorporates the symbols of visual culture, but also the means by which they are made. The digital period we live in blurs lines between the hand and the machine made, leaving most things looking and feeling processed. The artists’ work included in Sting! 5 juxtaposes traditional approaches with digitally manipulated modes of creating, extending from sewing, painting, photography, and sculpture to installation.

Like the candy, the work in Pop Rocks initially offers a visual taste of sweetness and play, subsequently releasing pockets of more complex surprises.

At Sting! 5: Pop Rocks, The Beehive will proudly premier Kenwood Vineyard’s limited release Cabernet Sauvignon Artist Series 2004, with labeling created by artist Shephard Fairey (who currently has a solo exhibition at Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art). In sync with one of the core motivations behind The Beehive’s art program, Fairey believes that art is not only intended for galleries and museums but should also be an integral part of the visual landscape. There will be bottles on exhibit at The Beehive and available for purchase for $150.00 a bottle, inviting guests to “consume their art”.

The Beehive will have great food, music and cocktails, like their special Pop Rocktail ($9) – (Pop Rock candy in a glass of Yulupa Cuvee Brut by Kenwood Vineyards) all night long! This is a not-to-be-missed evening of art, food and music! Dinner reservations always guarantee you a spot!

There is no cover charge and there will be a cash bar.

541 Tremont St.
Boston, MA
Phone: 617-423-0069

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