Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chiyomusubi Tokubetsu Junmai

A couple nights go, I opened another Saké from my dwindling supply of those I purchased from Sakaya in New York City. Once again, I very much enjoyed this Saké and would definitely recommend it.

The Chiyomusubi Tokubetsu Junmai ($28.99-720ml) is made by the Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd (founded over 140 years ago) in the Chugoku region of the Tottori prefecture. Their Koji , Tadayoshi Iwanari, has over fifty years of experience and uses local rice strains and spring water. This particular Saké is bottled before pasteurization. It was made from Gohyaku Mangoku rice, which was polished to 55%. This Saké has an alcohol content of 15.5% and a Saké Meter Value of +3, making it a slightly dry Saké.

This Saké had an intriguing, fruity nose, with aromas of peach and melon. On the palate, it had a rich creamy mouthfeel with delicious tastes of peach, apple and hints of pineapple. It was smooth with a lengthy finish. I enjoyed it very much on its own though it could easily pair well with food. I also think it would be a good introductory Saké for a newcomer. A good price for a very pleasurable Saké.

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