Sunday, May 17, 2009

Denshin "Yuki" Junmai Ginjo

The other evening, I opened another new Saké, one of those I purchased from Sakaya in New York City. I think I am starting to get low on my Saké so it might soon be time for another road trip to NYC. Like the others Sakés I have had from Sakaya, this was very good and another that I would recommend.

The Denshin "Yuki" Junmai Ginjo ($32.99-720ml) is made by the Ippongi Kubo Honten brewery (founded in 1902) from the Chubu region of the Fukui prefecture. The brewery sits at the base of Mt. Haku, deep in Echizen which is known for its crystal clear water. "Yuki" means "snow," meant to symbolize that the Saké is as light as newly fallen snow. It was made from the famed Yamada Nishiki rice, which was polished to 55%. This Saké has an alcohol content of 15-16% and a Saké Meter Value of +5, making it a dry Saké.

This Saké has a subtle nose, lightly floral and the taste is also more subtle. It has a clean and light taste, with tantalizing hints of fruit and steamed rice. Very smooth with a lengthy finish. You can easily enjoy it on its own with light food, like a white fish or even a mild chicken dish. It would also be a good introductory Saké for a newcomer.

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